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Weekend in New England

September 27th, 2008

September 27, 2008

I just returned a few days ago from Massachusetts  (Cambridge, Concord and Amherst) where I presented at a conference and caught up with some old friends from college.  Having graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst 20 years ago, I sometimes forget why part of my heart will always remain there, but this was a sweet reminder for me as I was greeted with a familiar embrace.

Last weekend I presented a workshop entitled From Now On: The 7 Keys to Purposeful Recovery at the annual conference of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health in Cambridge, Massachusetts (home of Harvard and MIT). It was a really fun, exhilarating experience, and the presentation was well-received by all. As you know, one of my passions is to spread the word about how to integrate Recovery Coaching into the addiction recovery community and this was an opportunity to do just that. Although sexual recovery can be distinguished from chemical addictions in some ways, coaching can easily be introduced to this population, and I was proud to be one of the only coach/therapists presenting at this conference. My intention is to bring the workshop to as many addiction conferences as possible so I’ll be sure to keep you posted as things continue to unfold.

The Joy of Sex(ual Recovery)

September 5th, 2008

September 5, 2008

In two weeks I’ll be speaking at the SASH conference (Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and I’m honored to be the only coach/therapist presenting there.  My presentation is entitled:  From Now On:  The 7 Keys to Purposeful Recovery, and I’ll be sharing coaching tools and ideas through the lens of sexual recovery.  Because recovery from sexual compulsivity often becomes entangled with tremendous guilt and shame, it becomes even more important to learn how to integrate healthier sex into one’s life while considering the big-ticket items such as meaning and joy.  I feel honored to have this opportunity to talk to my peers about Recovery Coaching and to demonstrate how coaching strategies will help their clients move forward with purpose and direction.  If any of you are in the Boston area the weekend of September 19-21, please consider joining us and I’ll be giving my presentation at 1:30pm on Sat. 9/20.  I’ll be sure to share my experiences of the conference once I return.