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The Spirit Lives On

January 27th, 2009

January 27, 2009

Its been a few months since the destruction of Mount Calvary but the spirit transcends the ashes.  My 12-step fellowship had a retreat at another location this past New Year’s Weekend which certainly wasn’t the same but the spirit and determination of the retreat lives on.  As bittersweet as it’s been along the way, my renewed connection with my higher power helps me to know that there truly is something greater than myself and I just need to trust that it will bring new possibilities as a result.

Sierra Tucson coaching endorsement

January 16th, 2009

This morning I attended a presentation  given by the new medical director at Sierra Tucson who happens to have a background as a psychiatrist and an executive coach.  He calls his approach to coaching “Re-purposing” and has some really cool ideas about infusing coaching into his programs. How exciting that coaching is finally showing up at our premier treatment facilities!  Several years ago when I first started my journey into the coaching world and specifically into the Recovery Coaching world, treatment centers rarely had coaches as part of their milieus. Nowadays we’re being integrated into programs nationwide and international attention has also been given to how coaching can benefit those in recovery from addictions.

As I continue to look at ways to get the word out, I feel re-inspired to not only spread the word but create new and innovative ways of helping those who are hungry for coaching strategies and methods.  The future looks brighter than ever and my enthusiasm grows as I share the gifts of Recovery Coaching.