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connection vs. isolation

August 13th, 2009

A client of mine recently shared with me that her recovery is based on connection vs. isolation.  She’s been in the program for 8 years and felt like she had been drifting a bit from her connection to her fellowship.  As we continued to take a closer look at her recent drop in energy level, it became clear that her dis-connection from program coincided with her dis-connection from herself, her passions and her vitality.  When it became clearer and clearer that this had been the case, it revealed the simple truth that her presence in the 12step rooms and her connections to those in her fellowship strongly influenced her overall well-being and life balance.  This realization gave her a sense of hope and newfound direction.

Sometimes the simplest things can be forgotten, and it may take a friendly reminder and a bit of open-heartedness to re-discover what really matters.  As a result of the simple gifts of program, my client  renewed her outlook, refreshed her connections and re-committed to what gives her life meaning.