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out of the darkness

October 31st, 2009

It’s Halloween and tonight the clocks fall back an hour shifting the season toward winter and shortening the light at the end of our day. It feels symbolic as recovery often becomes a reminder of the darkness of the past and moving  toward lighter places in our lives. One of my colleagues once said that recovery is really about mending broken hearts — those of our clients and of ourselves.  Not only do I find this very accurate, but it reminds us how this is a dynamic process about expansion, hope and living life on life’s terms.

Recently, a speaker at a meeting shared that his growing edge was to learn how to receive love.  After many years of working a 12step program, he feels that it’s still so painstaking to really take in the love offered to him.  And this is where the lightness shows up.  A lightness about the journey.  A lightness to receive.  A lightness to give.  And a lightness to be very gentle and patient as the process is a lifelong one–not one to be grasped overnight.

As the darker season is upon us, I suggest that you pay attention to the lightness around you and inside of you.