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Rain Rain Go Away

January 22nd, 2010

As I sit here on a rainy Friday morning in Santa Monica, I’m reminded of this traditional children’s tune that resonates with me.  Living near the ocean allows me to see the greatness of the Pacific and how small I truly am in comparison.  Last year in the midst of my own internal turbulence a voice came to me as I was walking my dog by the water and it simply said, “I know so little.” Where these words came from at that particular moment was a mystery, but I do recognize that there is a power way greater than myself spoonfeeding me at times if I’m willing to be open-hearted and listen.

In recovery there tends to be less stormy weather as the self-induced crises and dramas subside, but rainy days still exist.  And this is where the challenge arises to ride the waves of the storm without getting caught in the undertow.  If I remain in humility and gratitude, the chances are exponentially better that the storm will pass quicker and with less disruption.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast is partly cloudy with minimal chance of showers.  The storms will always pass–by utilizing the tools of recovery we get to move toward sunnier skies with grace and serenity.