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June 22nd, 2010

One of my current summer projects in my therapy practice is to put together a new group.  I’ve had weekly men’s groups in my practice since 1992, and now I’m forming a mixed adult group. In general, the healing space of groups has become a necessity in our society which often breeds isolation and self-centeredness.  My therapy groups are very here and now-focused, and over time, the honest relationships in the room become the focal point of the experience as groupmembers begin to have more of a clear, direct voice with themselves and others.

Of course there are endless possibilities for group experiences available to us including twelve-step groups, self-help support groups, social networking groups, professional groups, etc.  Find your people so you can choose who you would like to invite into your corner.

From a recovery perspective, groups give us the opportunity to be more other-centered and to break the isolation through fellowship and camaraderie.  It’s also a chance to get out of our own heads and be of service to others.  Notice the power of groups as you go about your days and see how they impact you and your recovery.

Free Your Mind

June 14th, 2010

Yesterday I was interviewed on a local radio program called Free Your Mind. The mission of the show is to destigmatize issues related to mental health, and they asked me to discuss sexual addiction with them.  Not only were they respectful and sophisticated with their questions, but they also were sensitive to the existing stigma and misconceptions related to sex addiction.  It was a joy to be a part of their show, and you can hear the taped interview by going to their website at

In light of the recent media frenzy regarding celebrity sex addicts, I hope to make a dent in the myths that get circulated.  Sexual addiction (or compulsion as I often call it) is a complex issue which isn’t really about the sex–it’s about emptiness and looking for contact in all the wrong places.  Please let me know what you think about the interview if you have a chance to listen and I look forward to expanding the dialogue.