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across the miles

July 8th, 2010

Here on the westside of Los Angeles we are used to what we call May Grey and June Gloom, but now we’re into the second week of July and it’s still unseasonably cool and damp with some mist and drizzle in the morning hours.  Don’t get me wrong–I’m really not complaining.  Most of the year we have rather consistent sunny warm weather so this is actually a nice change of pace.

Today I’m also aware that my father has been in the midst of record-breaking heat in Philadelphia and my friends who moved to Seattle from L.A. have also had a recent heatwave.  All of this reminds me how we each live in our own separate corners of the world and the distinct climates punctuate the differences in our separate regions and the reality that we exist in such separate little worlds.

Recovery has shown me that connection to loved ones is a lifeline and a lifesaver, and it’s a constant choice how much or how little I cultivate those connections.  I feel incredibly blessed to have so many people in my corner, and I also know that these relationships are the antidote to isolation and secrecy.  Staying connected every single day is one of the fundamental ingredients for recovery, and in our hi-tech world we get to choose to stay in contact in a  multitude of ways.