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Labor Day Retreating

September 4th, 2010

Labor Day has traditionally been a time for me to go on a spiritual retreat to Santa Barbara, but circumstances in my life have taken me elsewhere this weekend which leaves me feeling bittersweet  and a bit displaced but also aware that mini-retreats are always available to me if I choose to create them.

For instance, I’ve had a ritual for many years to write a letter to my Higher Power on the Sunday morning of  my retreats, but what stops me from writing from a different venue?  Communing with my HP has always been a way for me to remember that there is a Power Greater Than Myself, and I can invite this energy into my daily life whether it’s at a  monastery in Santa Barbara or at home with my dog. Spending time with close friends can also take the form of a mini-retreat as I feel that cultivating relationships has always been a vital part of what gives my life meaning (i.e. a way for me to define spirituality) and consciously being with my friends is a gift for me to bask in.

Retreats can take place on a mountaintop or in the sanctuary of my own home–it’s available at all times and just requires some consciousness and creativity to make it real.