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pia mellody

November 19th, 2010

I recently had the good fortune of spending 5 intimate days with Pia Mellody of the Meadows in what she calls her Post-Inductive Therapy (P.I.T.) training. Not only is she a very impressive trainer and educator, but she is also down-to-earth, intuitive and has a way of expressing her model in a user-friendly, nuts n bolts way.  Because the model was designed over 30+ years with the clients at the Meadows, it applies to all of us in recovery from addictions, codependency and trauma.  Some of the concepts that resonated the most for me were: inherent worth, the family roles of “lost child, hero child and scapegoat child”, one-up and one-down positions, false empowerment, etc etc.  Because of my own background as an “intimacy avoidant”, I very much appreciate her book Facing Love Addiction and recommend it to clients and colleagues who may be exploring these issues.  If you’re able to take the time off and attend Pia´s training, I highly recommend the experience, but she won’t be training indefinitely so consider it sooner rather than later (