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November 24th, 2011

On December 9th I’ll be leading a workshop entitled “It’s Not About the Sex: The Paradox of Sexual Addiction” at the Evolution of Addiction Treatment conference here in Los Angeles (  As I was thinking about the conference theme, I realized what a personal and professional evolution(and possibly revolution) it’s been in the sex addiction world these past 20 years.  It’s moved out of the shadows and into the media spotlight.  It’s becoming more and more understood as a symptom of deeper issues — often related to early attachment.  And nowadays the rooms of sexual recovery fellowships are full of people truly wanting to integrate healthier intimacy and sexuality into their lives.

Don’t get me wrong–we still have a long way to go, but the stigma continues to diminish, the public is starting to get more of a clue about what’s really going on and the addiction recovery community is finally seeing that sex and intimacy issues need to be addressed as part of one’s recovery regardless of the presenting addiction.  As I’ve shared before, I believe that addiction recovery is also about trauma recovery, and today there is a widespread understanding that sex addiction really isn’t about the sex but only manifests in that way.

The deeper healing continues.

my recent journey

November 20th, 2011

After my recent July visit to The Bridge to Recovery in Bowling Green, Kentucky, something touched me in a way I didn’t anticipate. Because their workshop-based program focuses on trauma, codependency and process addictions, I felt an automatic kinship with their mission, but I never expected to find myself on a Santa Barbara ranch for the first two weeks of October. When my colleague, John Stenzel, executive director of The Bridge, gently suggested I consider attending their two-week program at their brand-new location, I mulled it over a bit but somehow knew it felt right. Fast forward to October, and there I was—participating as a client up at The Bridge.

I was deeply touched by the work I did there and feel incredibly grateful that I followed my instincts and treated myself to this healing, rejuvenating process. The Bridge has been around since the 70′s, but it’s been a well-kept secret to many of us on the West Coast.  Because it’s a non-profit, mission-driven organization, I have the utmost respect for the integrity of their program and the vision they hold.  As I further metabolize the experience, I’ll be happy to share more details with you, and most of all, it’s a fantastic resource to benefit Southern California for a long time to come.