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October 18th, 2012

Sometimes life isn’t fair.  John F. Kennedy shared these sentiments after the Bay of Pigs tragedy, and he’s right–sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Two of my oldest friends/mentors are currently facing life-threatening illnesses with their partners, and all we can really do is pray and think positive, healing thoughts while modern medicine tries to prolong life and hopefully the quality of their lives.  These are not older men–at least to me  from my middle-aged perspective.  One of them is in his early 50′s and the other in his early 60′s–youthful, vibrant men who are now being severely challenged with these diseases.

In the past few years I’ve had several losses in my immediate family, and recently we had a small west coast gathering in honor of my father who died in August at age 84.  I feel so blessed for all of the love in my life and one of my ongoing challenges is learning to fully  receive the love around me especially at times when it’s even more vital to rely on others emotionally.

Injustice is part of life, but so is love.  It’s not one or the other but a dynamic blend of all of the experiences that make us human on this wild ride we call life.