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miracle of miracles

December 15th, 2012


I don’t generally talk about the word — or the experience — of miracles, but I’m compelled to do so today on the last days of Chanukah. When I was growing up in a liberal Jewish community in South Jersey, we were taught about all of the Jewish holidays and especially the rituals, customs and traditions surrounding them.  Chanukah was no different, and because I grew up in a mostly non-Jewish neighborhood I was often asked to explain these things.  Well–to make a long story short–the Jews were being liberated into freedom and there was only enough oil to keep the menorah (like a candelabra with 9 candles) burning for 1 day.  But lo and behold, the menorah stayed lit for 8 full days allowing the fleeing Jews to have light throughout their journey.  Of course there is more detail but that’s really the Chanukah miracle.

Recently, I’ve had a few friends who have been quite ill requiring hospitalizations and surgeries.  And we found out this week that my friend’s fiancé is doing exceptionally well after recently being given a very poor and scary prognosis.  Through love,  lots of generosity of spirit, and an amazing surgeon, it looks like he will have freedom again in his life.  And as I write this, another friend is in surgery which will potentially liberate him from several years of really inconvenient, life-limiting symptoms.

So miracles do happen.  They happen in the 12-step rooms.  They happen in hospitals.   They happen when we least expect it, but they do happen.