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back from new orleans

March 3rd, 2013

I just returned from the American Group Psychotherapy Association Annual Meeting in New Orleans and will be processing the experience for awhile to come.  Not only was it a very full, intellectually-stimulating  and fun experience, but it was also a visit to a region and city I’ve never visited.  The 900 attendees of the conference set the tone for a dynamic, friendly experience with colleagues from all around the country as well as internationally, and the people of New Orleans are a hospitable bunch.

Day 1 was an all-day “institute” with Jerry Gans who spoke of shame and courage in group therapy.  He is a gifted clinician and speaker, and I also participated in his demonstration group.  Days 2 and 3 were devoted to a group experience again with a very seasoned an talented group leader named Stu Aledort.  I was part of a small group therapy process for approximately 12 hours in those two days.  Then Thursday thru Saturday was the actual conference which was also quite satisfying as I attended various offerings.

In addition to the  conference, New Orleans was a very fun, friendly city.  Although I didn’t have much time to explore, I did take in a night of jazz, go to a few choice restaurants and took a 2-hour bus tour of the city to take in the larger scope of it.  All in all, I found the people of  New Orleans to have lots of pride for their city in spite of Katrina and a super-friendly approach to life.  If you ever have the chance to visit, I highly recommend the trip down there.