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down time

August 24th, 2013

As the summer winds down, it reminds me how demanding our routines can be and the necessity of creating “down time.”  This year I’ll be heading up to the Northern Oregon coast to meet some friends to officially end the summer season together.  I look forward to reading, sleeping, cooking, and of course eating some yummy foods as well as layering my smores by the fire.  Revitalization is not a luxury–it’s a part of my life that allows me to stay focused and sharp with the work that I do and the relationships I try to nurture.

If you can’t get away from home for whatever reason, design a “stay-cation” where you get to unplug a bit and possibly create some mini-vacation experiences like day trips or possibly taking in some local sites you may never visit.  Either way, unwind, give yourself permission for true relaxation and most of all, have fun.



August 15th, 2013

One of the most valuable growth opportunities in my recovery has been humility and how it shows up in various unexpected and powerful ways.  Recently, I sent my quarterly ezine to my database which is made up of several hundred colleagues, friends and familymembers.  My theme focused on transition as I discussed my upcoming move to a new condo in my neighborhood.

Shortly after I sent out the ezine, the condo fell “out of escrow” and we are back to the drawing board looking for our new home which hasn’t quite revealed itself to us yet.  At first, I felt a bit exposed and rather silly for sharing news that fell apart, but since that time, I’ve received so much love and support from my inner circle which overshadowed the embarrassment of going public with something that wasn’t quite a done deal.

For the recovering perfectionist in me, this is another example of the “gifts of imperfection” with a side order of humility.  This is my growing edge–not taking life and myself so seriously and allowing for the twists and turns in the road that are beyond my so-called control.