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navigating the holidays

December 14th, 2013

The holidays are different every year for every person, and as we approach yet another holiday season, it may be time to approach them more mindfully.  In other words, being in the “here and now” but also preparing for the upcoming season consciously and with purpose.  For instance, if you have experienced losses this past year, how would you like to honor the memory of your loved ones?  And if you are part of a dysfunctional family, how do you choose how much time and energy you spend with family this year?  Or if you would like to be alone, how might you set yourself up for time alone that would be relaxing and rejuvenating?

Because the holidays are often a loaded time for those of us in recovery, it takes even more soul-searching and planning  to surround yourself with enriching, loving people and experiences.  It can be a challenge to cultivate emotional sobriety in one’s life but the holidays provide a very particular growth opportunity.  Staying connected to what matters most to you is ultimately what will infuse more meaning into your holiday season.  So most of all, ask yourself what you truly want and desire and listen to your heart.