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anxiety relief

February 26th, 2014

I was talking with a client today about his abuse of opiates, and it was clear to him that his lifelong struggles with depression and anxiety are the underbelly for his opiate abuse.  I’ve been brainstorming some of the most effective tools and strategies for anxiety relief, and here’s what I’ve developed so far:

  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Physical Exercise
  • Nutritional Balance:  limit caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Rest Well / Consistent Sleep Habits
  • Yoga
  • Meditation / Mindfulness
  • Practice Diaphragmatic  Breathing
  • Learn about the physiological mechanics of anxiety
  • Read Books & Articles related to anxiety relief
  • Practice Imperfection
  • Explore Spirituality (i.e. whatever gives  your life meaning)
  • Cultivate Humor & Laughter
  • Create “down time” each day / Schedule time off from work
  • Volunteer
  • Music: Listen, Play, Sing
  • Cultivate Assertiveness & Self-esteem
  • Develop Nurturing Self-Talk (e.g. I’ll do the best I can for today)
  • Therapeutic Massage / Somatic Bodywork
  • Pet Therapy
  • Progressive Relaxation / Visualization / Guided Imagery
  • Build Self-Awareness & Track Anxiety Triggers
  • Practice Self-Acceptance & Self-Compassion.
  • Homeopathic /Ayurvedic / Naturopathic medicine / Psychopharmacology

Of course there are many more approaches and much more to explore about the roots of anxiety as well as the remedies for anxiety, but it’s evident that once the substance is out of the system, the real  work begins…one day at a time.