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June 13th, 2014

As a result of some unexpected circumstances, I recently moved out of my place and into a short-term apartment. Although I’m very grateful for the fact that the apartment is pet-friendly and not too far away from Santa Monica where I’ve lived for the past 18 years, I find myself in a different neighborhood with a different vibe.  It’s been unusually disorienting as I feel displaced from my usual restaurants, shortcuts around town and typical walks with my dog.

I realize these are all “high-quality problems”, but I’m giving myself a little time to adjust and a little time to complain a bit.  Now that I have a weekend ahead of me, I plan to get to know my new neighborhood and settle in as best I can while we continue to look for our next place.

The lesson of the week is a simple but profound one.  Home is not a place.  It’s wherever I am and wherever I get to spend time with loved ones.  Funny how a temporary displacement can offer such a poignant and vital reminder.