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life’s too short

July 18th, 2014

I found out yesterday that a friend’s mother died a few weeks ago unexpectedly at the age of 75.  She seemed to have a cold–nothing out of the ordinary–and then died shortly thereafter.  Of course loss is part of life, and nothing is really permanent, but the sudden loss of a parent can be rather disorienting and complex.  “There really was no chance to say goodbye”, my friend shared with me, and I understand this fully because my dad had a bad fall and died 5 days later almost 2 years ago, and it still feels surreal at times to me.

Grief is one of those rare growth opportunities which none of us really choose but inevitably face–more and more as we get older.  My best friend from high school has a 93 year old mom on palliative care which brings along other challenges as the dying person fades away slowly.  It’s never easy, but recovery helps us stay awake and mindful of this element of the life experience if we choose.  When both of my parent’s died approximately 18 months apart, it was a world-changer for me, and I was challenged to look at myself through a new lens. Life is way too short.

Although I sometimes selfishly wish they were still around, they were both my teachers until the very end and after.  I believe that grieving is our teacher and life does move by faster and faster it seems so my intention remains –  Carpe Diem…



July 5th, 2014

It’s 4th of July weekend 2014 and yet, another reminder of the freedom that is available to us.

So many people in this country and throughout the world are imprisoned by their circumstances, but many of us here in the States have been enslaved by the illusion of victimhood.  True victims do not have any choices, and empowered individuals know that there are choices available to them.

Many times in my past I’ve felt trapped–as if I didn’t have any choice–but most of the time this simply wasn’t true.  I’ve learned that I can ask for help.  I can ask for ways to build perspective and to find my way out of the corner.  It’s not always easy to do this alone, and I’ve found that I often need to ask someone I trust to offer an ear or a shoulder.

Freedom is available to all of us and often takes the vulnerability to take a risk and see who is willing to be there with us.  On this weekend of celebrating freedom, I wish you an abundance  of choices and empowerment.