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April 26th, 2015

The other day I was in the middle of my session with my therapist, and he reminded me that life is always uncertain, and certainty is an illusion. Because I’m a recovering perfectionist and used to thrive on the illusion of control, this reminder felt harsh and uncaring to the circumstances I was sharing. These last few months have brought multiple changes–one after another–leaving me yearning for some kind of certainty. He went on to remind me that there are times when things are less uncertain and other times when the uncertainty seems to cluster.

This felt a bit more hopeful and less ominous as I anticipate a quieter, more peaceful season ahead. Yet, we never know, do we? Just when we think we have the mail all sorted and organized, the mail carrier comes again. So I try to keep a sense of humor and perspective on the idea that I require certainty. What I have learned is when I cling to certainty, it’s a shortcut to suffering, and when I lean into uncertainty, there’s more ease in that choice.


April 5th, 2015

Last Thursday I traveled up to Malibu with my former intern, Maria Gray, MFT and I gave a short presentation to the clinical team at Milestones Ranch. Not only was it a joy to be among such caring and devoted clinicians. but I felt rather at home with them which is not always possible.

I was overjoyed several months ago when their executive director, Denise Klein, LCSW told me that they would be offering my coaching workbook to their residents as part of their treatment process. As the in-service unfolded, the enthusiasm and clinical depth of the staff became palpable, and I felt even more privileged to offer some additional tools into their treatment mix. My gratitude to the Milestones team and the ongoing work they do with the folks who make it through their doors.