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the big sick

July 13th, 2017

I rarely post movie reviews, but this one was a stand-out for me like no other recent film I’ve seen. The Big Sick is an autobiographical piece that explores what happens when a lost love comes down with a mysterious illness and a culture clash begins. Because the lead character was raised in the USA but comes from an Indian family, he is “supposed to” marry an Indian woman. He is being fixed up by his mother with many, many prospects all of whom he rejects because his heart is already taken by a Caucasian woman who is very, very sick. In the hospital he gets to know her parents quite well–much better than he ever anticipated–and a mutual respect grows among them.

This is one of those films that brings tears and laughter-sometimes at the same time– and manages to strike up a balance of authentic family dynamics, racism, illness as well as the love that is pervasive throughout. Run, don’t walk to see this very clever, well-written, true-to-life story.