July 5th, 2012

When I was in sixth grade we sang a song in chorus entitled “Freedom” and it was a catchy little tune that we belted out proudly.  At the time I really had no idea what freedom really meant on a personal level, but now I have a bit more understanding of the value of personal freedom on a deeper level.

We happen to live in a country that for the most part allows us to be who we are.  Of course there are prejudices and discriminations throughout our society, but I’ve also experienced numerous opportunities to develop the rhythm within and to sing my own tune.

As a sixth grader, I worked really hard to conform–to wear the right clothes, talk the right way and yes–even sing the right songs.  Nowadays in recovery I still conform to some extent, but I also value what it means to listen deeply to what my inner voice is saying, to have the freedom to be exactly who I am and ultimately be comfortable in my own skin warts and all.

I’m grateful for the many freedoms that reside both inside and outside of myself and take this July 4th holiday as another reminder of the gift of independence truly available to us all.

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