September 25th, 2017

Socrates said, “All I know is I know nothing.” I love this statement of humility because it’s so true. As much as we know, we really don’t know. As a seasoned therapist, sometimes I forget this simple truth. I believe that many of the answers are inside of my clients–not somewhere on the outside. And many of these so-called answers are only partial. We need others in our life to get reality checks. We need humility to remind ourselves that it’s ok not to have all the answers.

Last weekend I was a member of a training group with a very talented group therapist from Austin named Katie Griffin. I’ve actually known Katie for many years but not until she came to Los Angeles to facilitate our group therapy conference did I really see her in action. In the training group I became very aware of my own primitive needs for deeper understanding and to be seen for who I truly am. It was a challenging weekend in many respects but also quite satisfying in spite of my so-called needs only getting partially fulfilled. Because we will be meeting every 4 months, I’ll have other opportunities to process these relationships, and it left me longing for more.

As I sat in the group for nine hours over the course of the weekend, it was a terrific reminder of the group experience my group members have each week with one another. Uncomfortable at times and warm and fuzzy at times. But always a chance to learn about oneself and help others learn about themselves. Humility above all.

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