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September 3rd, 2018

It was October 2008. I recently signed the lease on a brand-new suite in a brand-new building on Overland just south of Pico in West Los Angeles. Not only was I a first-generation leaseholder, but I also had the opportunity to design the suite detail upon detail. It turned out to be a rather precarious time in our country, but I kept my focus and ten years later could not be more pleased with my professional home.

Recently, we had some turnover in the suite leaving some space available. In a nutshell, I’m looking for a few part-time therapists who love the space as much as I do and would like to make it their professional home. Here is a description of the suite:

Part-time office space now available in psychotherapy suite designed by therapists for therapists. Full/half days in windowed offices now available in 2-story, modern building. First generation tenants, tastefully-furnished offices, excellent soundproofing, ample parking options, call lights, separate exit, wireless. Call 310.281.8681 or email


2550 street view

waiting roomoffice 2 (2)office 2 (1)office 3

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