Clear coat over gelcoat on boat

Its easy to use, just wipe it on and the shine starts to come back. I have heard that as boats get older, the Gelcoat loses some of its flexibility which may contribute to the problem. The first thing that will be needed regardless of the type of spray gun used (we You will need a cup gun to spray gelcoat, also make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment, airborne gelcoat is nasty stuff. Clear lacquer sprayed over the surface will turn yellow in the sun. The surfacing wax will migrate to the surface as the curing cycle takes place and create a barrier to air. Blend #1040-B Hi-Gloss Additive with gel coats for repairs, or upgrade the surface of molds or parts. Advantage Gelcoat & Fiberglass repair has over 20 years of experience and expertise in all aspects of watercraft structural repair including large and small fiberglass and gelcoat repairs, transom repairs and replacement, stringer repairs and replacement, bottom painting, and complete boat re-building for restoration of older boats. $4 Our Ultra Clear HI-UV Exterior Gelcoat is a HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE, ULTRA UV RESISTANT Gelcoat, perfect for a broad range of high quality, open-mold & lay-up applications.

Maybe your blue boat now has a purplish hue, or your topsides don’t reflect anything other than poor care. Q: Carnauba Wax -vs- Gel Coat Sealants! Which is better? A: Both! How can that be? No one debates the need to seal and protect gel coat finishes, but there is disagreement over how best to do it. I'm assuming it's an older boat. Find all of your favorite Meguiar's products, plus tips and advice on how to get the results you've always dreamed of. Do your own fiberglass and gelcoat repair with epoxy resins, filler, sealants, and fiberglass repair kits from West Systems, 3M, and Hi-Bond. Boat Parts & Accessories Store - Replacement Boat Parts, Electronics, and Accessories. Shop with confidence.

A tough Clear Coat that can be applied Direct To Metal or over other coatings. But, I was wondering if anybody had ever used something similar instead of wax on either their boat or cars. Gelcoat that is exposed to the air stays tacky, this allows for a chemical bond to form between layers. Can be applied with conventional or airless spray equipment. You of course need to determine what your finish is first. i never painted a boat but want to do my Sea Ray in pearl White with some blue stripes . BOAT POLISH CERAMIC CLEAR COAT MARINE GRADE GEL COAT CHALKING PROTECTION SPRAY No Wax Clear Gelcoat Top Coat Base Fiberglass ,Premium Marine Boat Repair Quart Gel-Coat; Sort by: Gel-Coat.

Offered in white, neutral, and clear, Dolphinite’s all-in-one gelcoat is a complete formula that makes it easy to repair your fiberglass boat in one step. Has the sun been a bit unkind to your boat? Has it lost the shine and luster that it once had? The MS Gel Coat Restoration System can bring it back to life and restore the shine! The MS Restorer is a clear-coat finish that brings back the shine and keeps it. If your boat is more than a few years old, you’ll probably be surprised at the number you find. Gelcoat: You can re-gelcoat a smaller boat like a 13; it involves spraying gelcoat, then wet sanding the entire boat to obtain a shine (there will be an "orange peel" look to the finish after spraying that must be sanded off for a smooth finish). Find great deals on eBay for boat clear gel coat. However, if your boat has a pigmented hull, it is possible to get a fairly close match using clear gel coat and a bottle of pigment. This Toon-Brite Protective Clear Coat for Boats restores and rejuvenates faded or oxidized surfaces.

Duratec Clear Hi-Gloss Gel Coat Additive Get a superior finish, add quality, and save time and labor for your composite parts. Grind or sand flush. “Avoid using harsh chemicals like acetone, acid, or bleach-based cleaners to wash gelcoats, as these types of chemicals can weaken the gelcoat matrix. Simply clear over the colors you painted with whatever flake you want and then add a few more coats of clear over the top, wetsand/buff, waalaaa, sparkly n pretty. I've got a rather leaky 30' wooden, carvel-built motor boat. Gelcoat Scratch Repair. I do agree that paint has benefits over gelcoat, but I would hate to pay $10,000 for a paint job and get a scratch that can't easily be fixed.

Light stabilized, to minimize discoloration of patches made using clear and pigmented gel coats. When spraying gelcoat paint on your boat do you put a clear on it last - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Buff off residue with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Thanks Our thanks to Aaron Logan of Small Boat Services, You can find PVA at West Marine or Boat US, just look through all the stuff in the paint and fibreglass section. Fortunately gel coat oxidation can be fixed using a few simple tools and processes. ” My boat-cleaning friend Margarita Xistris (www. 83 Trending Price is based on prices over the last MagicEzy BOAT GELCOAT Repair What is "Gel Coat"? Boat builders start with a permanent fiberglass mold that is supported by metal on the outside (to make it structurally sound) and on the inside, a gelcoat over top of the fiberglass to make it smooth.

Will it give the Gel Coat extra life. Check her out and if she looks good let the stand . Use the same knowledge, same mix and same materials for a complete over-all refinish by using a regular automotive spray gun instead of a preval sprayer. The Diagnosis Gelcoat is a fiberglass resin that has had a pigment added to it. If the boat is gel coat is it possible to correctly repair by painting over with base clear. Finishing any paint project should include Moeller's Clear Coat to increase luster and depth. Gelcoat will not fully cure without the addition of a surfacing agent on the last coat, or you may over-spray with PVA before gel coal reaches its gel stage (5-10 min.

Luckily most of the affected areas were above the gunnel. No problems unless you let the LPU pool on a flat surface. Gel-coat is a term used to describe the pigmented or colored outer surface of a fiberglass boat. Applying gelcoat to fiberglass is simple if you have the right tools and take care to mix your gelcoat properly. Gelcoat doesn't add anything to the strength of the fiberglass, but it does protect the fiberglass from leaking and from weather damage. A less expensive but more repetitive alternative is to refinish with automotive clearcoat. We were careful to ensure all the old clear was removed to be sure it wouldn’t affect the new clear coat over time.

Making sure that your gelcoat is applied evenly Find great deals on eBay for gelcoat. MeguiarsDirect. White hazy finish on gel-coat The surface layer is clear gel coat, under that is the pigmented gelcoat with polyflake added if it is flaked. By putting a new clear coat over the clouded gelcoat, you're just going to end up with clouded gelcoat under the new clear gelcoat. . This Lewis ski boat had peeling clear coat coming off in sheets. the radiation is I have really learned a lot about fiberglass and gel coat over the last eight years with my husband and my first experience owning a boat.

com) agrees, up to a point. Shine On will achieve that sprayed on clear coat look without that expensive cost! With Shine On, your RV, Boat and more will resist oxidation and maintain that glossy finish all season long. Then wash it in soap and water and rinse well. Can I put a clear coat over an exsisting gel coat? I have a cajun bass boat and I think it has a gel coat on it, cause I just got through sanding it down. Cleaning of the fiberglass and gel-coat is the most important part of the process. Clear, Fouling Release Coat for pontoon that is environment Safe Alternative to Toxic boat bottom paint! It Protects your boat against Algae, Zebra Mussels, Barnacles & Osmosis. “Wash your boat weekly with boat soap, and remove stains right away,” she says.

Not so with gelcoat. The metal flake is in good shape, so I want to get rid of the flaking and put a new clear coat on it before the flake gets damaged. How to Re-clear-coat a boat? I have a 1993 ASTRO Bass boat and the clear coat has started coming off of the metallic paint and it is causing the paint to fade, does anyone know the best and cheapest way to reclearcoat the boat, Thanks in advance Tips and repair methods to avoid and spray 3 coats of clear gelcoat over the base color and 1 to 2 ft each side of your color blend. Prep the damaged area with 220 grit sand paper. Okay, I just saw an add for a clear coat called 9H. Then paint as usual starting with primer, base coat, clear coat. Race Proven - Fisherman Approved! * have made a model fibreglass hull and have been told that I should have painted a layer or two of Gel coat before I started the fiberglassing and laying the matt and resin! .

unfortunetly there's not a lot you can do with the cloudiness. Over time, spider cracks in gelcoat that radiate from joints or intersections in cabin, deck, or hull surfaces can appear, which may indicate weaknesses in the underlying fiberglass, often evidenced by popping or cracking sounds when underfoot. Free with purchase of gelcoat read details Free with purchase of gelcoat read details. The least expensive option is to polish your boat with Kwik Shine but it may require a little more effort on your part. The Marine Mechanic I'm going to connect you with knows all the tricks and shortcuts. UV will go through the Clear Coat given time. ) Each Quart, Gallon, and 5 Gallon Pail of Sea Hawk Gel coat is sold with the appropriate amount (under ideal conditions) of MEKP catalyst and 8140 Wax Additive (Surfacing Agent) .

I’ve sprayed tan gelcoat before and I didn’t use primer but I was simply overcoating cracked tan gelcoat. so its easy for me . When using gelcoat for the finishing coat of a boat repair, the common method is to use the formula with wax. Polishing a Boat. Under- or over-catalyzed gel coat will cure slower and look faded or chalky. Single coat – mix 1:1 gel coat and clear; multiple coats – first coat more gel, last coat more clear. Tub and Shower Repair Kit This repair kit is ideal for minor surface repairs of Gel-coat, fiberglass, acrylic and porcelain fixtures in kitchens, bathrooms as well as surf boards and laminate countertops.

Clear gelcoat is typically what bass boats use at the factory for UV protection over metalflake but gelcoat isn’t as easy to use as paint. You can buy the gelcoat finish kits at marine stores and perhaps body shops. In the outer chamber, the can is pre-filled with Dolphinite's proprietary All-In-One gelcoat formula color matched to original factory colors utilizing Dolphinite's GelMatch Gelcoat Color Matching System. We’ll start this month with an explanation of the difference between topcoat and gelcoat, and how to know what product would work best for your boat surface in the tough-but-beautiful Caribbean environment. Keep in mind that gelcoat blisters can be an indicator of hydrolysis, and that hydrolysis can occur without the appearance of blisters. You can choose a clear paint or clear gelcoat. On our You should also feather the surrounding area of the gelcoat repair with 220/330.

Remove the backer from the exterior surface. Think again—now it’s time to start over and give the boat a second coating of wax or polish, because one coat is never enough to bring out that awesome shine we’re looking for. Mechanic's Assistant: Sometimes things that you think will be really complicated end up being easy to fix. The easiest way to clean a boat is to spray it down with water than use a boat cleaning solution on the base of the boat, making sure you get everything off. Instead of getting a new paint job done on your car, which can be very costly, you can try fixing the clear coat I have an 86 Procraft which has some flaking clear coat (The boat has been re-clear coated once, and that is what is flaking. Clear gelcoat is most used with metal flake repairs. If you have used a gelcoat coating in the past, you will need to remove it completely with an acetone solution.

• Eliminate low-gloss areas on the edges of repairs… the low-gloss donut often seen in gelcoat repairs. The keels? The same. Everything you need to know to accomplish first class, gelcoat repair and fiberglass repair with no disasters or complications in just 1/2 hour. ). I've heard of guys having clear coat sprayed over their gelcoat to keep gel from oxidizing and easier to clean. The easy way to do it would be to bury it in expoxy primer and then your base coat and clear. • Better profile: as compared to un-modified gelcoat or gelcoat with wax and styrene.

Over exposure to the sun and the elements can cause the clear coat on your car to start to peel. With well over 50 years of experience, our technical expertise is unparalleled. About 5 yrs ago my boat was clear coated,it looked fantastic but now it is really starting to flake and peel off. It's time to add a stripe or other custom design to your boat and you don't want it to look like you were attacked by amateur graffiti artists. The good news is that the damage is reversible, in most cases. With a painted boat you can never ever use a winter 'cover' on the boat without risk of the paint 'lifting'. Suitable for application by brush to give an even film, free from air and drainage.

This quick-dry formula features enhanced UV protection and increases luster and depth. Normally I dismiss clear coat products and claims, and whatever else that comes along claiming to offer protection for my boat or car. I see a lot of the bass boats where the gel coat has faded under the clear coat and the clear coat itself is fine and even has a shine to it. Gel coat mixed with clear Duratec – the clear partially thins out the mixture, makes the surface dry hard, and helps the gel coat flow out to avoid orange peel. Re: clear gel coat over metal flaking It's difficult to give an answer without actually seeing the boat. Climb aboard Sign up for emails and stay up-to-date on the latest news, events, and promotions. Boat hull scratches .

Catalyze or initiate with MEKP. This appears to be somewhat common with the Endeavor. ONE STEP FINISH GEL COAT (105670, 105671) – A premium quality finish polyester gelcoat that cures to a hard surface. Im sure that looked great for a little bit but now its peeling and looks like crap. 015 white metal flake, . Step 2 - Apply the Gelcoat. It is only used when the original gel coat is beyond help.

Jim Seidel. A better remedy is the application of a quality clear coat paint that can restore the exterior finish to its original luster. Showcasing a lot of Gel Coat available on sale this week! Moeller Marine Clear Coat Lacquer - 12 oz. If using Clear gelcoat for top coating or spraying over a solid color to blend perhaps a yellow apply moderately because clear gives slight yellow/green tint after activating, the thicker you spray the darker it gets, dark color like blue are fine. For all the work it takes to paint, you can re-gelcoat the boat and if you maintain it, it will look good a long time. If it takes you longer than that, you're doing something wrong! • PRESTO!™ GELCOAT REJUVENATOR™ combines PTFE ("Teflon") & clear coat protection in a single, ready to use package. Making sure that your gelcoat is applied evenly The clear exterior coat on fiberglass boats is formed by a substance known as gelcoat.

If you need more protection, then a clear coat (paint) can make it look very good again, a little bit more difficult. As it cures, gelcoat bonds to the layers of structural fiberglass laid on it to create a smooth, shiny exterior coat. The original gel is not available in blue and wouldn't match anyway. Gelcoat is a liquid that hardens to form a thick layer that's used to protect fiberglass and give it a shiny, smooth finish. You are looking at three main choices: gelcoat, one-part paints, or two part polyurethanes. Looking over the hull, there are a number for dings and deep scratches in the gelcoat that I would like to go ahead and repair. Seal this top layer with plastic or PVA to allow a full cure.

This resin can be used as a protective surface over the top of fiberglass, or simply as a finish, much like you might varnish a piece of outdoor furniture. I kept my eye on it and it never got worsehowever, I had mine fixed when it went over to Crossroads to have some minor warranty work done, in fact it is over there now and should have it back by middle of next week. Instead, apply TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer or TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer over TotalFair, before applying Gelcoat. Available in pint, quart and gallon sizes. Measure catalyst accurately. So whats the scoop with shooting automotive clear over Gel Coat. works great.

Yolo Yacht Services prides itself in quality Gelcoat Restoration and Maintenance for our clients. Modern gelcoats are amazingly successful at both looking good and providing protection. Gel coat or epoxy? Go Epoxy. This water clear high gloss clear coat remains permanently flexible and is able to perform in the toughest environments without yellowing, cracking or peeling. It works on aluminum, fiberglass, brass, copper, stainless and most metal surfaces. Over time, the result could be serious damage. • Reduce Porosity in tooling gelcoat.

If applying with dual action polisher, apply 3 dime-size drops of the Gel Coat Labs All Marine Surface Sealant to The Four Star Finisher 6. When sanding flat areas use a rubber block. How about clear coating vs. Gelcoat without wax additive is ideal if you're laying up a mold for a new boat or a fiberglass part where you're laying down the gelcoat first, then applying more layers of resin and fiberglass on top. Not the original gel coat). By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Do not apply TotalBoat Gelcoat directly on TotalBoat TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound.

com is the Official site for Meguiar's, the trusted experts in surface care since 1901. The difference is the gelcoat will provide a protective layer, thus its used on boats and such applications, so that if damaged, you dont reach the fiber right away. as a base coat of sorts. Has anyone done this or have any info on it? Will fenders scuff it up badly when tying up with others? I'm considering doing it from the rubrail down to where the bottom starts to protect the sides. An alternative to using surfacing wax in the gelcoat mix is to over spray the gelcoat with PVA, (polyvinyl alchol). Welcome to the gelcoat repair page. It stands up well to water, sunlight and chemicals, but keeping a solid polish or wax finish on the gelcoat is critical to maximizing its life.

Gelcoat blisters can often be repaired before the laminate is damaged by hydrolysis. As the gelcoat sets, the wax floats to the surface and forms the barrier that allows it to fully harden. An ambitious boat owner can apply his own clear coat by following some simple steps and using a few tools. The next time you are cleaning and waxing your boat, take the time to look for small cracks, scratches and chips in its gelcoat. Gelcoat typically covers 48 sq feet applied at 18 mils thick per gallon. If you’re looking for gelcoat color matching or gelcoat repair in Sacramento, trust the experts. Clear coat is an option I have sprayed on many bass boats over the years.

004" flake that is added into the clear coat. I'd like to coat the whole of the hull - above and below the water-line with gel coat, and also all of the cabin house (everything but the deck). Simply shake & wipe-on! BOATYARD QUALITY, MARINE GELCOAT (CLEAR COTE, WHITE-CS) CLEAR COTE™ Boatyard, Marine White Gel-coat (CS) is a good quality polyester base gel-coat specifically designed for the repair of previously molded polyester fiberglass products such as boats, Ceramic Pro is a clear, non-yellowing, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When the gelcoat surrounding a scratch is in good condition, the filler of choice is gelcoat paste, which provides both filler and finish in a single application — but not a single step. When combined with responsive customer service and cutting edge material resources, the AOC Aliancys advantage is clear. Not the best when over the gelcoat, but sounds solid. WEST System Epoxy and the InterProtect 2000E system from Interlux are very popular.

A few mistakes that I made when initially wet sanding my boat: I rushed – I didn’t cover the carpet or trim on the boat. Given the extent of these repairs it would seem that it would be simpler to just go ahead andpaint the whole boat I am ordering 1 gallon of the Awlgrip Gelcoat matched to the factory color and planning on using the following steps to complete the repair: 1) tape off the repair area with painters tape. Acrylic right over it. Show excellent weather properties. I would sand flush and spray over. Polyester Gelcoat General purpose moulding gelcoat for hand layup use in GRP construction. Production fiberglass boats are built outside in.

Another gelcoat problem is blistering, which generally indicates water intrusion under the gelcoat. The only major difference in that case is that you would use a clear gel coat to carry the deep colours required, rather than a white one. For your marine surface restoration needs, Clear Renew offers a clear solution; restore your boat to its original beauty with Clear Renews ForeverNu Professional. cluded in an assessment of a boat’s condition before repairs are made. Less Labor Intensive. Procedure for gelcoat repair (a section which has glitter flake that will need to be blended). Remember, gelcoat can change color slightly as it hardens, so to match it exactly you'll need to mix a test batch or two, allow it to harden on a piece of cardboard, and then compare the final color against your existing The Gelcoat on my boat is very badly faded and also in some parts quite badly stained, wax and polishing seems not to work very well and is very temporary.

Gel coat is used as an in mold coating on composite parts to produce a durable part surface. It is not often used as a post-production finish coating, but it can be applied over epoxy and is useful in some repair situations. I think it took almost a year for me to get it all cleaned up. Prep the area removing all of the damaged gel coat Keep the repair as small as possible. Thanks much & great videos One thing is certain, it is far easier to apply a barrier coat to an intact hull than to clean out and fix blisters first, and then roll on the epoxy. Many “old timers” will only use a natural carnauba wax. GELCOAT REPAIRS.

Before applying gelcoat over epoxy: surface preparation steps Applying Gelcoat, Spray or Brush? lets go over some of the options for equipment. There are a number of reasons for this. There were a couple of bad areas on the stern which were able to be touched up. New Life For Old GelCoat – An Inexpensive Solution That Really Works! to clear coat finishes used in the automotive industry. It all depends on how nice you want it to look. A badly maintained gelcoat can lead to light, medium, or heavy oxidation, a dull, chalk-like finish that diminishes the aesthetics of your boat’s finish over time. The sales staff most likely won't know what it is.

Typically the clear coat on a bass boat is meant to protect the metalflake. nauticaldetails. Constant exposure to wind, water and sun can wear down your boat's protective gelcoat over time and you'll soon find you need to apply a clear gelcoat to your fiberglass boat. It is a metal flake "paint" and therefore I assume it is a gel coat. 5 sq. Sort by: Crushed Walnut shells 25 oz . And, now for the bad news: this entire second coat should be done by hand, so the buffer doesn’t remove too much of the first coat as you apply the second one.

Carver's gel coat is a nasty, muddy, gelcoat, and even after freshly compounding and waxing it, just doesn't look that good. With time, it is possible that gelcoat can become cracked, simply through wear Related: marine gel coat repair kit marine gel coat clear white fiberglass gel coat marine gel coat white gelcoat white gel coat boat gel coat fiberglass gel coat Refine more Format I have an Endeavor 32, 1977 model and have the same situation on my boat. Gelcoat, the outer surface of the fiberglass, is very resilient. To bulk out a clear coat, a colloidal silica would be used instead of the filler powder we used for this job. When I met him he had a Carver 356 Aft Cabin, we traded that in on a Carver 396 Aft Cabin. Finish wet-sanding with 1,000-grit paper; then buff out with rubbing compound followed by a coat of wax. Sea Hawk Gel Coat has great cosmetic and protective life expectancy and will keep your hull shining like new for years.

The images here are from sample repairs made to a finish utilizing metal flake (poly flake) clear and also to the white interior gelcoat. Allow to dry to a haze. • Easy to spray from HVLP Spray Guns. Wipe over a 2' to 3' square area. Improves air release thus preventing porosity. Is there a special clear for gel coat? Do they make a clear gel coat? I dont know what the best way to go about this is. Over time gel coat becomes cloudy and foggy due to a natural process called oxidation.

This is our tutorial on how to repair minor scratches in your boat's gel-coat finish. We recommend 3M Abrasives for best results. Specifications for color, gloss, protection, durability, and processability can all be accommodated as well as low styrene content. When making a new fiberglass piece from the permanent mold, the mold is covered thoroughly with a release wax. CATALYZE FRESH BATCH OF GELCOAT properly. This problem with clear gelcoat on fiberglass boats is substantially worse than the yellowing problem caused with colour gelcoat on boats. This is necessary for a tack free surface when cured so that you can sand.

Professional grade CLEAR marine gelcoat w/MEKP*perfect for boats**with wax* 1Gal BOAT WAX CERAMIC PRO POLYMER CLEAR COAT UV SALT GEL COAT MARINE GRADE PROTECTION So I am looking at a used Daytona Eliminator and someone over the years decided to make the gelcoat shinier and clear coated it with automotive clear. We stock a wide variety of colors in marine and tooling gelcoat. We offer several barrier coat products. Finally, get a "fine" grade scotchbrite pad and scuff the gelcoat lightly. Gelcoat is available in a variety of colors, clear being one of them (Valspars TX-2 almost posetive about the PT#), an alternate is Automotive clear, although not as durable, it will (If prepped correctly) give the same appearance as cleared gelcoat and restore the colors back just as long as you dont get too aggressive with the prep and sand through the OG gel into other colors, then you are Robert's Grey Gelcoat, 5 Gallon: 5 Gallon Pail Robert's Grey Gelcoat (H) Formulated to to provide good chemical/water resistance, gloss retention, wetherability, and resiliency. 0 Finishing Pad on your Dual Action Polisher such as the Ultimate Detailing Machine XP by Porter The other problem with the Prevail thing is once again the over thinned gelcoat give it some time before you spray the PVA on it. The all-in-one formula condenses the usual multi-stage gelcoat process into one simple step.

Is it base clear or gel coat? It looks like gel to me but my local repair specialist says its base clear. I plan on buying a little 2 oz cup of it and doing a test before the whole boat, but I will be using a . I was so excited about compounding and polishing that I got the compound and polish all over everything. Fill imperfections in the new gelcoat with gelcoat paste and allow it to cure fully. Burnside Fiberglass Marine Supply is dedicated to carrying enough base and pigment to supply all of our customers with their gelcoat needs, all of the time! Technology. Coat 3 should have no tack at all at the same point. By Don Casey.

This is just a stupid question, but does clear coat hold up as good as a gel coat will on the boat, considerd that it is maintened properly, what is the life exp of a boat that has been painted and then had a few coats of clear layed over the paint. A barrier coat will also increase the resale value of your boat. A Dremel tool or die grinder can also be used to prep the damaged Would Evercoat white gelcoat be opaque enough to use by itself over the maroon or would I have to lay down a grey catalyzed epoxy primer, etc. Hopefully it is as simple as that! Boat Gel Coat Repair How-Tos How to Apply Gel Coat. This gelcoat does not require the use of a mold release, but needs to be sanded between the layers to ensure proper adhesion. Confining work to the immediate repair area, continue wet-sanding with 600-grit paper until nearly even with surrounding gelcoat. Thanks Shawn Gelcoat is a special finish for fiberglass and it is not clear coat or paint.

Our fiberglass and Gel Coating repair work is of the highest quality! In fact, our Gel Coat technicians are certified with select major boat manufacturers. boat building gelcoat Sacramento Boat Repair at Classic Craft has produced many boats over the decades and the owner has over 50 years of experience building and repairing fiberglass and gel coat on boats. Gelcoat should not be applied directly over TotalFair or the gelcoat will not cure properly. Can someone tell me exactly what the bottom (red) is coated with. so is there any issue sanding the gel coat with 320 and doing it base clear with the SP UV clear . I have the equipment and place to do it . With Clear Renew, there is no need to go through the expensive process of painting gelcoat for fibreglass boat repair and other temporary type buffing and polishing restoration programs.

Correct application of gelcoat is critical to get the optimum performance from it. 1. Locate gel coat in stock now online. if you dont have the proper equipment and spray booth or well ventilated garage with air filters then take it to a auto paint shop for them to spray. 025 white metal flake and f24 abalone ( mother of pearl) flake mixed to make it dance on Thur stir stick like candy, then follow up with 2 coats clear coat gelcoat and last coat over red. It can be applied onto your boat through either a dual action polisher or by hand. Patch Aid mixed with gel coat will provide these properties: Low color, which results in excellent spray patches Low viscosity, for easier spray and less orange peel Longer working time, advantageous for repairing large defects and for mold resurfacing.

Thinking about spraying Flag Blue Gel Coat on my boat that I'm building, than spray automotive clear. In fact, Practical Sailor mentions this problem in their review of the Endeavor 32. Easy to spray, sag resistant, and fast curing. Refer to our Fiberglass Boat Repair & Maintenance manual (pdf), published by Gougeon Brothers, for detailed information on patching gelcoat over an epoxy repair. This will be clear coat with . You don’t need to mix chemicals and compounds or wait between coats. It just comes from headquarters automatically.

Sand down any rough edges. • Typical application time to apply PRESTO!™ GELCOAT REJUVENATOR™ to a 1 square foot area is less than 10 seconds. No real need for get coat though. Here you can learn about what is needed to apply a Gel Coat. For use on all outboard and inboard engines, stern drive and lower unit applications. In the case of boats with metal/poly flake finishes, the first layer to go in the mold (the outermost layer of the boat) is a clear gel coat. Gelcoat derives its name due to it high viscosity and ability to be applied thickly on vertical and overhead surfaces in one coat.

A breakthrough in marine protection technology, System X is a semi-permanent ceramic coating which bonds directly with gel-coat. Like any painting project, preparation is the key and, in this case you will be painting over the slick, shiny surface of gelcoat. 3) clean the gouges with acetone to remove all loose For a finished look, cut a rectangular piece of mat and one slightly larger of cloth and apply these over the patch, smoothing them with a squeegee. Most gelcoat pastes are available in white or neutral colors, but straight out of the can they rarely match aged gelcoat. You can repaint of the hull, which means a total strip-down to the bare primer coat. Its corrosion resistant non-conductive formula makes future cleaning much easier. Gelcoat repair colour matching is a tricky business - and to do a professionally matched repair is complicated.

Can you successfully shoot clear over gelcoat? if you do will the gel fade underneath the clear?? Also, can you shoot base coat to sanded down gelcoat Working time is about 15-20 minutes. ft. I've had a couple of fiberglass repair shops suggest thinking about clear coat, like they put on cars. With over fifteen years experience working with local marinas, Iron Man Detailing has earned a reputation of being expertly skilled, reliable, and honest. Legal in All States. I have never seen clear coat used on a standard (Non-metallic finish) but there clear gel coat for those applications. Large or small every yacht/boat needs to be looking its best! Before Gelcoat .

It works on many boat surfaces, but it does its best on fiberglass and gelcoat bodies. But just clear coat equals fish eyes, hense all the sanding. Gelcoat is a resin system that is filled with colorants and thickening agents and applied to a mold surface to form the cosmetic and weathering coating of a composite part. The problem with automotive clear coat over gel coat is no matter how well you prep it you will get fish eyes, and you will be sanding them out. Ceramic Pro is not chemically removable by high-detergents or acids. The original white fiberglass/gelcoat is in excellent condition (very shiny with no spider cracks or cracks of any kind) but dark blue stripes (not original) have been painted on the hull. I am thinking your best option (lowest cost) may be a quality paint job.

I don't know that Clear Coat will gain you anything other than "shiny chalk" over time. The best, but most expensive option to restore the clear coat is to refinish it with clear gelcoat. It is highly unlikely that you have paint or clear coat. No problem at all painting over gelcoat. Is there a way to remove the paint without damaging the gelcoat and fiberglass and maintaining the original shine of the white gelcoat? (clear) and white colors. Our new gelcoat colour tinting machine, which uses the Instint™ colour tinting process will be the first one installed in Canada. thanks all, just a kid trying to lear a lil Wet-sand the cured gelcoat with 320-grit wet/dry paper on a soft sanding block.

On some boats that have multi colored gel coated hulls, Often the gel coat overlaps inside the boat from over spray. This is a discussion for the topic can you paint over gel coat ? on the board was wondering if i could shoot a coat of clear over to shine it up? boat ) ?-Rebel. With advice from experts at major paint manufacturers, we’ll help you get to the key things you need to consider. When VS721 is applied, there is no need for Sanding Or Painting. If you have a finish that tends to oxidize if not polished then you have Related: marine gel coat repair kit marine gel coat clear white fiberglass gel coat marine gel coat white gelcoat white gel coat boat gel coat fiberglass gel coat Refine more Format Re: Best paint over epoxy coated hull we topcoat traditional varnish and hardware store enamel with 2 part lpu clear coat. FGCI Gel Coat can be used for a highly UV Resistant clear coat over colored gelcoat, or add your own choice of metal flake to give your project a flashy look! HI-UV Clear Coat Boat Paint, Exterior Gel Coat KIT, 1 Quart W/ 1 OZ MEKP, No Wax/Sanding, Professional Marine GELCOAT, Boat Exterior Hulls, Boat Interior Decking, DIY Projects Toon-Brite Protective Clear Coat for Boats. A two-part system consisting of polyester resin and catalyst, gelcoat's the first thing into the mold during manufacture.

The Gelcoat Boat and RV Kit will cover approximately 18 square inches (1. Best use disposable suit and full face mask. To ensure the amines won’t compromise the cure of the polyester gelcoat, standard mixing and curing instructions apply. As the boat is in undercover storage i intend to paint the hull this year, can anyone advise me on the preperation work required for painting over gelcoat? How to Fix Clear Coat. Old gel coat is the yellowed and hazy coating that develops on the skin of your RV. However, I have not read anywhere when painting over Gelcoat, if laying down a coat of epoxy, not epoxy primer or epoxy 2-part paint, but actually coating the Fiberglass surface with regular clear epoxy. is this true? or can I paint the outside of the fibreglass Hull with the Gel coat or will I have to start again i used an Up turned model Boat put tin foil over it put release wax on and then started to lay matting and f Once you 'paint' a boat you will 'continue' to paint that boat over and over and over again as there is NO PAINT on planet earth that will withstand water immersion and 'dipping' as well as simple gelcoat.

For the most part, when you're looking at a fiberglass boat, you're really seeing the gelcoat surface on top of the fiberglass itself. This product is available in a The structural importance of a good, sound gelcoat cannot be over stressed. Primers are sold separately. Applied in a thickness of 20 mils (NOTE: one coat at 20 mils wet film thickness requires three passes to achieve), which gives this gel coat depth to survive considerable water sanding, compounding and re-polishing. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to become a rigid, flexible super-slick glass shield, bonding to and protecting the substrate. For scratches in gelcoat up to 1/32 of an inch deep - Try sanding them out first with a hard rubber block using 320 grit water sand paper followed by 800 and 1000. The colour gelcoat still is visibly effected by Bass Boat Repair - Flake Finishes Almost all production fiberglass boats are built in female molds, which means the outside layer of the boat goes in the mold first.

Surface scratches can be buffed out of gelcoat with polishing compound, but deep scratches must be filled. The bad Most boats these days are made from fiberglass, along with pickup truck caps, motorhomes, even bathtubs! To give the fiberglass a smooth, shiny surface, a material called gelcoat is applied to the outer surface. The spider web crack was just in the gel-coat, not in the fibergalss. A poorly made, worn or badly scratched gelcoat can allow water to permeate the underlying fiberglass. Let’s say that the gelcoat on your boat looks less than stellar—as in chalky like a chalkboard less than stellar. Hope this helps a little. I am nearing completion of thefiberglass repairs on the project boatwhich were kinda extensive, and was considering what to do about the final finish.

Fiberglass is a combination of polyester resin with glass woven fabric to create flexibility with strength. First, clean the gelcoat really well with denatured alcohol to remove fingerprints, oils, etc. Fiberglass Gelcoat Surface Care; Boats, like houses and cars, are easier to keep looking good if you keep up with basic maintenance. Gel coat is typically the first layer of a part to be applied. I think putting clear coat over the Carver gelcoat would be a disaster as the Carver gelcoat wouldn't be a good surface for adhesion. _____ A fiberglass gelcoat boat with a clear-coat will have a haze and develop a yellow appearance to the gelcoat, especially on white or lighter colour gelcoats. 2) grind edges of gouge with a dremel sanding bit to give the gel coat more surface area to adhere to.

If the current clear gel coat is just dull and oxidized, then sanding and buffing can fix the problem, easy. You may want to seal with some clear finishing resin. Recommend straining the mixed gelcoat in a paint strainer 'cause you really have to remove that little 'filter' thing on the bottom of the pick up tube in order to draw up the mixed gelcoat. Then, I didn’t clean it right away, so it dried. If you changed sand paper frequently while sanding the epoxy, you are proably ok on your gelcoat over epoxy repair. This offers a simple coat that improves upon the color and shine of your boat. Which i only have one clear coat over.

The boat is about to go under the knife for some keel damage repair. Trending at AU $60. continual gel coat maintenance? I've been struggling with the oxidation problem on my PS 205 for several years now. Relative to size it is easily applied by hand or hvlp in about 30 minutes to your boat, yacht, or ship to provide long-term shine and protection. Gelcoat with wax makes the final gelcoat layer cure to a hard sandable finish, with no wax paper or special tools needed. Getting ready to paint my Boat from what i am reading you guys are just sanding the gel coat and clearing over it . Before coating a fully cured layer of epoxy with polyester gelcoat, prepare the surface properly to remove any amine blush.

Hi everyone Can anyone please advise me. So, I have researched the web, and have read a lot about this subject. This system allows users to enter year, make, model and length of a boat dating back to 1984. including my own. clear coat over gelcoat on boat

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