Gratitude: A Daily Practice

Last weekend I traveled to Boise, Idaho to attend my little cousin’s college graduation. In all honesty, my little cousin is now 6’5”, but he will always be my “little cousin” because I met him at the hospital when he was born, and he was quite little at the time! Although he now towers over me, he’s a gentle giant with a heart of gold. And to celebrate alongside of him brings me so much pride and gratitude.

Unfortunately, the current state of our world has tremendous problems and challenges, and it’s not always easy to access the gratitude that exists within you. But it’s all around you if you keep your eyes and heart open to it. For instance, I’m writing this blog post on December 24th, and I decided to work this morning even though most people I know take this day off. My clients were grateful that we had our sessions, and I was also grateful to be a part of their ongoing work and healing. If I pay attention and focus on the gratitude, it will always appear. And it is truly a practice.

Back to Boise. So there I am in the arena at Boise State watching my little cousin graduate with honors among 2000+ other grads. He has chosen education as his career path and is on his way to becoming a teacher, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. To be a part of his early life when he lived in Los Angeles and now to see him grow up in Idaho brings me waves and waves of gratitude. Grateful to move through life with him even if he is a two-hour flight away. Grateful to see him find his way through some challenging times, and I’ve seen him thrive both academically and as a human being. Grateful to see him discover his passion both as a teacher and as a lover of life.

My little cousin is not only a high school teacher but also my teacher. Teaching me to appreciate the long-distance family relationship that endures and the love that persists. My gratitude overflows.

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