Group Therapy Revisited (May 2018) (Part Two)

What can a prospective group member anticipate as part of a group experience? Here are some of the typical themes that emerge:

• Relationships—romantic, family, friends, work
• Trauma and brokenheartedness
• Anxiety and depression
• Addictive, compulsive behaviors
• Career and money
• Shame and loneliness
• Sex and sexuality

When I meet a client for the first time . . .

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Group Therapy Revisited (May 2018) (Part One)

“Since I joined group, I don’t feel so alone anymore—now I know there are others who are in my corner.” I hear this sentiment over and over again from clients who commit to weekly group therapy—a place to both learn about oneself while helping others learn about themselves. Clients typically come to group because they have longings for deeper contact, and group is where they get to take risks, be vulnerable, and as a result, experience deeper connection.

In the early ‘80s . . .

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The Healthy Side of Narcissism (Part One)

Although narcissism is generally seen as a negative trait, healthy narcissism is critical to child development. It’s how your confidence and self-esteem take shape. According to Freud and other psychoanalysts, all children
possess a sense of omnipotence and grandiosity as they enter the world, where they strive to receive the gleam in the eye of their caregiver. In recovery, it’s essential to find that gleam of appreciation and approval from caring friends and confidants, rather . . .

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