Group Therapy Revisited (May 2018) (Part Two)

What can a prospective group member anticipate as part of a group experience? Here are some of the typical themes that emerge:

• Relationships—romantic, family, friends, work
• Trauma and brokenheartedness
• Anxiety and depression
• Addictive, compulsive behaviors
• Career and money
• Shame and loneliness
• Sex and sexuality

When I meet a client for the first time . . .

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The Healthy Side of Narcissism (Part Two)

Trust takes shape over time with a person you can truly count on. But if your trust muscles were not strengthened as a child, it will take endurance to build them as an adult. Many years may be needed, even if you’re willing to be faithful to the process. Find your people—those who are steadfast supporters and also want to travel this trust journey with you. By investing in yourself, you’re . . .

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